Paragliding Rides

"Fly in the Himalayas!"



Whether you do 10:00 - 05:00 job, work from home, or you do nothing at all. Get yourself ready to go out of your routine and challenge yourself. Feel the thrill, the adrenaline, the rush of blood to the head, and the air - see the world like a "Free Flying Bird" from a height of 6400 FT. with your own eyes.

Surprise yourself through adventure and fly like you never knew that you can walk on land.


  • Locations :Raison & Dobhi ( Bir-Billing - On Demand)
  • Age Limit : Between 16 years and 50 years
  • Season : No Pause(Weather Intervention may occur)
  • Event Timeslots : Everyday 8:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M.


  • Professional & Certified guides
  • Emergency First-Aid Kit


  • Please be sure of the risks included in the adventure.
  • Depends on the weather, and the event can be posponed.
  • Do not panic, and just let yourself fly
  • The time associated with the ride is the average/approximate time, and may vary.