According to the organizer of the climbing expedition, an Indian climber who disappeared on April 17 has been found and rescued from a crevasse where he had fallen 5,600 meters above sea level in Annapurna. The climber was located 300 meters beneath the surface.

Dawa Sherpa, the Expedition Manager of Seven Summit Trek, informed Everest Chronicle that Anurag Maloo has been transported by air to Pokhara Manipal Hospital. However, the current state of his condition has not been confirmed.

According to a hospital spokesperson, medical professionals are currently performing CPR on him, while during his rescue, the rescue team claimed to have observed his eyes rolling.

Noel Hanna, a skilled climber from Northern Ireland, was discovered deceased at a campsite after successfully reaching the peak of Annapurna without using supplementary oxygen. His body was airlifted to Kathmandu for examination.

Meanwhile, Baljeet Kaur, a female climber from India, who had gone missing above Camp IV, was saved and is currently being treated at the CIWEC Hospital in Kathmandu.

Annapurna is known to be one of the most challenging mountains to climb, with 369 people having successfully climbed it as of spring 2022, while over 72 individuals have lost their lives attempting to conquer it, as reported by the Himalayan Database. The mountaineers and expedition agencies have reported that the climbing conditions were made more difficult due to the delayed rainfall and snowfall during the previous winter.

This article was originally published on Everest Chronicle