Pemba Gelje Sherpa conquered the peak of Manaslu at 7 am Nepal time, completing the ascent 12 hours after leaving Base Camp. Surpassing the previous record set by Francois Cazzanelli, Gelje Sherpa shaved off an hour from the fastest known time. Meanwhile, American climber Tyler Andrews, who commenced his journey an hour earlier than Gelje Sherpa, had to turn back before reaching the summit.

Although both climbers set off on the same day from Base Camp, it is possible they started from different points, with a one-hour time disparity. Notably, neither of them utilized supplementary oxygen during their ascent.

Mingma G of Imagine Nepal posted on Instagram, announcing Gelje Sherpa's triumphant achievement.

Pemba Gelje Sherpa Manaslu Speed Record

Tyler Andrews displayed an impressive pace, reaching Camp 3 (approximately 6,900m) in 3 hours and 44 minutes from Base Camp. Although he pushed on to Camp 4, he eventually decided to abort the mission, as indicated by his tracker. Andrews is currently recuperating at Camp 3. While Andrews holds records for Fastest Known Times (FKTs) on various peaks, including Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua, Manaslu marked his first attempt at an 8,000-meter peak.

Pemba Gelje Sherpa Manaslu Speed Record

According to Tyler Andrews' tracker, he was located at Camp 3 at 2 pm Nepal time on September 27.

Pemba Gelje is currently descending back to Base Camp at a rapid pace. As of now, he has reached 5,800m and is approaching Camp 1. You can monitor his descent live through his tracker link.

While Andrews had publicly declared his FKT attempt on the 8,163m Manaslu, Gelje Sherpa had informed individuals in Samagaon Village that he was planning a climb "without clients." Nobody was aware that it would turn into a speed record attempt.

Further details are anticipated upon the climbers' return to Base Camp.