A renowned irish climber Noel Hanna passed away on Mt Annapurna. He was a very experienced climber who had summited Mt Everest ten times before. Noel Hanna had just returned from the summit point when he passed away at Camp IV. It is not clear what caused his death.

Mt Annapurna is the tenth-highest peak in the world. It is located in Nepal and is known for being a very difficult mountain to climb.Unfortunately, climbing mountains can be very dangerous. Even experienced climbers like Noel Hanna can face unexpected challenges. It is important for climbers to be prepared and take safety precautions.

Noel-Hanna Passed Away on Annapurna

Noel Hanna, the first Irish person to successfully climb K2 during the winter season, has passed away in Camp IV, as stated by Mingma Sherpa, the chairman of Seven Summit Treks. Efforts are underway to bring their bodies back to base camp, organisers said.