Adventure Safely with THE TRIPPY FROG

"At the heart of any true adventure is meticulous preparation. Stepping into nature's embrace is an exhilarating journey, but venturing forth without the right protection can be perilous. At Seven Summit Treks, we prioritize not just your adventure, but also your safety.

Why Insurance Is Essential...?

While we strive to provide unforgettable experiences in Nepal, unforeseen situations can arise. As stipulated in our Terms and Conditions, our agency is not liable for certain emergencies or unexpected expenses. Furthermore, foreigners cannot purchase insurance in Nepal. Therefore, it's crucial for you to obtain comprehensive travel insurance from your home country. This should cover trip cancellations, helicopter evacuations, medical emergencies, lost luggage, theft, natural disasters, and more.

Key Considerations for Your Travel Insurance Plan:

Helicopter Evacuation: If there's a need for evacuation due to illness or accidents, you should be covered. While we can arrange the helicopter, any incurred costs are on you. Without proper coverage, these costs can be overwhelming.

High-Altitude Medical Care: Treatments in such conditions can be costly. Sometimes, a medical team might accompany a helicopter to base camps, adding to the expense. Ensure you're covered for these potentialities.

Transparency with Providers: Discuss your itinerary and associated risks with your insurer. Having a transparent conversation ensures smoother claims processing, should the need arise.

Consult Multiple Providers: Mention 'mountaineering' or 'alpinism' to ensure your extreme activities are covered. Shop around to find the best fit.

Coverage Against Trip Cancellation: As client deposits are non-refundable due to our commitments, ensure your insurance protects you against trip cancellations.

Share with Us: Provide a copy of your insurance policy. This assists us in taking timely action during emergencies.

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