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Lose yourself in the Himalayas and find your true-self. Don't stay inside the trap of routine. Whatever it is holding you back from travelling, and stopping you from enjoying the immense beauty of nature, let it go. Free the adventurer's soul trapped inside the body of a slave of routine, learn to escape and feel the magic of the himalayan landscape.Walking over the snowy track, with a stick in hand to balance ourselves, is just like when we have problems in our life and we try to find the balance with hope and efforts. Not a simple life, but "Adventurous life" teaches us everything.

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  • Pemba Gelje Sherpa Sets New Speed Record on Manaslu, Tyler Andrews Forced to Turn Back

    Pemba Gelje Sherpa conquered the peak of Manaslu at 7 am Nepal time, completing the ascent 12 hours after leaving Base Camp. Surpassing the previous record set by Francois Cazzanelli, Gelje Sherpa shaved off an hour from the fastest known time. Meanwhile, American climber Tyler Andrews, who commenced his journey an hour earlier than Gelje Sherpa, had to turn back before reaching the summit. .....
  • After being missing for 3 days, an Indian climber was rescued from a crevasse.

    According to the organizer of the climbing expedition, an Indian climber who disappeared on April 17 has been found and rescued from a crevasse where he had fallen 5,600 meters above sea level in Annapurna. The climber was located 300 meters beneath the surface. .....
  • Tragic News Famous Climber Noel Hanna Passes Away on Annapurna

    A renowned irish climber Noel Hanna passed away on Mt Annapurna. He was a very experienced climber who had summited Mt Everest ten times before. Noel Hanna had just returned from the summit point when he passed away at Camp IV. It is not clear what caused his death. .....
  • There is a missing climber on Annapurna

    According to The Himalayan Times Anurag Maloo from India was descending from Camp 3 when an accident took place. He had given up his goal to reach the summit at Camp 4 and was heading back to Base Camp. His outfitter, Seven Summit Trek's, reported the incident and an aerial search is currently being conducted. .....